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Games for Windows Podcast Episode 2008-03-12

Published March 12, 2008

Jeff "Scoop" Green goes to Blizzard to see StarCraft 2, but all he wants to talk about is their cool bathroom. Awesomesauce. Fortunately, all is not lost, as Dr. Maximum Chill, PhD, makes a house call to GFW Radio to educate us all about game boners, and what to do about them. Also up for discussion, a look at, an unpleasant new definition of DipRips that you won't be able to unhear, and an unruly digression into the messy circus that is Berkeley, California. Length: 1:51:05 03-05-2008 Did you ever want to shoot things with your eyeballs, just like Cyclops in X-Men? Yeah, us neither. Still, we were excited to see a contraption at GDC that let you do just that, kind of. The GFW Radio crew, with mascot Anthony Gallegos in tow, discusses that and other mind-boggling technology in this Very Special Post-GDC Wrapup Podcast. Also, Shawn's first thoughts on Frontlines, Jeff's new love affair with Civ 4, Sean's obsesssion with Devil May Cry 4, and Ryan's AudioSurf playlist. F yeah! Length: 1:46:09

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